Who Adopted Whom?

Since the days are hot and at night I'm alone
Be humane and please grant this stray dog a home
Warm and greasy - a sweet, sloppy hole for my bone
Dawn's light to midnight, a puppy-safe zone

I have paws for hands and marbles for eyes
And whines for whispers and spring coils for thighs
A tail on my tush that thumps my replies
When you ask me sweet questions then stare in my eyes

Our friendship is new and that's what we now have
You wanted a Poodle but found a lost Lab
When I lay here and watch you throw-up in a bag
The pains in my heart pinch me hard like a crab

God gave me a duty that fell from above
To kiss all your boo-boo's and show you real love
But wine, when it's drunk with the thirst of a cub
Brings brain fog, poverty, and jail cells with bugs

Humans have two legs, we canines have four
You sleep on a 'Kingsdown' whilst I take the floor
You weigh golden riches not knowing you're poor
Your thoughts can be mindless - I'll help you learn more

by crayon poet

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