'Wise Man Once Said...'

A wise man once said, stop living your life as if you are dead

You have the power and strength in you, make the change so your world is no longer blue

Climb the mountain that's ahead, step after step you are not dead

Life has twists and turns, stand tall and feel the burns

The burns of your soul and heart, it's alright to let it begin, let it start

Comfort zone no more it's killing you slow, reflect and realize you need to grow

Trapped in a bottle, a cage, a living hell...for now that's what you want, everyone can tell

You're used to it and afraid of the new and unknown, once again you fall back into your comfort zone

What will it take? What needs to be said? , believe in the words of thee, you are not yet dead

Their is a better life around the corner down the road, it's not possible to save every toad

Where has it gotten you? Where has it taken you? , once again comfort zone, a life that's dark and blue

Need to change for a better tomorrow, do you really like all the sorrow?

I know what love is and plenty to give, you're not dead so why don't you just live

Whatever it is that has trapped your heart, all it's doing is tearing you apart

Whatever it is that has trapped your mind, you no longer believe in the kind

Whatever it is that has trapped your physical frame, you rather live with all the shame

Whatever it is that has trapped your soul, flush it all away down the bowl

Not much more can be done or said, let yourself be happy for once cause you're not dead

by Dave Shemeley

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