SMM (4-6-1991 / Dist Kamber Taluka Warah)

Wise Soul

Come aside my friends
We can love each other
We can understand each other
We can spare our conflicts
We can fight against evils
We can collect fortunes
We can embrace peace
Our wisdom is our wise soul
We are founders of love!
We have created things
But we are created from nothing!
Let's live beyond desires
Let's die like flowers
Spreading fragrance round the world!
Let's observe our being
That is vast as an ocean
Let's seek the rings of bliss!
Inside the Grieves of happening!
We are the Masters of kindness
The teachers of unknown lessons
Students of conciousness
We are the children of thoughts
We are the gods of dreams
Our goddesses are sleeping
Their breasts are singing
The song of loneliness
How charming and wonderful
How sweet and bitter
The truths we learned
From the freedom of airs
Come aside my friends!

by Sagar mushtaq Mushtaq

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Our wisdom is our wise soul. Very precious thought content Thanks for sharing...10