Wised Up!

Sometimes life gets really tough,
And I get to feeling really rough,
In my head it's way too much,
I feel so bad and out of touch.

But then, here's where it gets really bad,
I find I don't care about the day you had,
You talk and talk and never stop,
Received by silence - has the penny dropped?

I tell you every now and then,
And you say it won't happen ever again,
I get up feeling optimistic,
No more room for pessemistic

Then I open my mouth to say the words,
And it's like you haven't even heard,
I wait and wait but no rpely,
So once again I give up and sigh.

Turn the conversation back to you,
And lo and behold, you're back to new!
Comfortable on your terms you decided,
'Well what about me? ' I again recited.

You look in shock - what's going on?
Are you no longer number one?
Well listen good and listen clear,
You are no longer needed here.

So get up, go, and never return,
In the future you should learn,
That silence isn't what I need,
I need love, support, and not your greed.

Just for the record you should know,
That your rating was actually pretty low,
I realised quick you weren't the best,
No more special than the rest.

It hurts, doesn't it? To feel this way,
No black and white, just shades of grey,
You ruined my trust, it won't come back,
I'm punished forever for what you lack!

by Becky Ginn

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