Poem By Animosity Drowning

So I wished upon that star
I wished for love
For your love

I looked over at you
Your silhouette barely touching the sky
So attractive you were

I wanted your kiss
You laughter made me tingle
You make me weak inside

The trees sang with me
They brushed that star, it made me tingle again
Singing twinkle twinkle little star

You reached out for me
That star in the sky winked at me
Only that star knew my secret

You kissed me
The moment of exuberance rushed through me
Loving me oooohhh just loving me

So I wished upon that star
I wish for love
I whispered 'Thank you.'

Comments about Wish

That was excellent. I love how you looked for guidance from the star. How you thanked it at the end it was really loving. I loved the way you compared the events with that of the stars doing. It was like you relied on it and it helped you. Almost your teacher. I liked it.: D

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