As I lay here with a tear on my cheek
I ponder in my thoughts of guilt and deceit
In the absence of my strength I live in a weakened state
Lies and selfishness I become everything I hate

All for a dream, that I can never have
I thought it was the best love that I ever had
Everything changes, this I know
I just never expected, that I had to let him go
Pained for all the things that I have traded
From my soul, my morals that faded
From all the untruth in me, this sin did occur
When it came to his love, what was right became a blur
Quite unclear, my vision was affected
To do the right thing, from my soul was rejected
I kept another at bay, I dangled his fate
The sorrow and generosity always seems to compensate

Life seems hopeless, and love feels like a lie
Like a wish in the wind that goes blowing by
So, so beautiful, and so rare to catch
I thought we would have been such a perfect match
I am just a moment from the past, a once loved girl
How can our love be true when I am hidden from the world

Two star kissed wishes melted in a dream
Treading through turbulent waters, life becomes a gentle stream
Drift now with me and do not let me drown
You said you'd hold me up forever, that my feet would never touch the ground
Things that are said, float all around
I am bleeding now, colors of sadden fiery red
Pouring from my wounds, more pain is shed
Still tortured and confused from the thoughts in my head
Are you strong enough to uphold to what you said
Or will I always be wading thru turbulant waters that you softly tread

Floating through life, I go it alone
Still holding onto a wish that I cannot let go
Please always know that you will forever be missed
I will always hold onto the first moment we ever kissed
I never thought anything could ever be better than this
A dream I will never let go of, you will always be my wish

by Villie Beebs

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