NB (1982 / KY)


I've sat here all this time
Searching for a reason
Holding onto this season
Waiting for the sun to shine

It breaks through the grimy window pane
While a restless need grows inside
Hopefully this day won't be the same
Shattered pieces since you died

Waking up to face this day
Shaking off the morning blues
Inching closer to pay my dues
Handling this pain in my own way

Walking along this dusty path
Searching for a clue
Insecure to really ask
Hunting lost memories of you

Seeking answers among the trees
Inside, I died that day too
Why did it have to be you?
Haunted by your dream, now I set you free.

Wish you could see
Wish it were me
Wish you knew
Wish it wasn't you

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Comments (2)

This poem is a moving piece full of intense emotions. The death of a loved one will leaves a void as if part of you dies with them. The part that dies is in the heart, but the memories of them no one can steal or destroy; this is what you have to hold onto to help you to continue. The feeling of loss never really goes away it just become less intense and frequents the mind less often. I wish you well my friend. Keep writing to express yourself its good for the heart and mind.
meaningful poem its always hard to go on after someone you love is taken.. find more strength each day