TA (April 3,1998 / America)

Wish Come True

One day I was feeling blue
because I had lost my pretty red shoe.
I wanted so much to wear them
but they were too small and I could not bear them

My mother came out with the cane
I thought in vain, of a quite plain excuse so I would'nt get the cane
My thoughts were erupted
As I sat corrupted

That night I looked at the stars
So beautiful yet so far
I began to wish
Of turkish delight

That I would be queen
And I would rather fancy
a little dancing machine
I wished harder than ever that night

That in the morning it gave me quite a fright
To see my turkish delight
A outfit fit for a queen
And of those lovely dancing machines

But when I closed my eyes they were still there
There was not a hair in my body that was flat
And there my wish suddenly came true
And all because of one lost shoe

by tapira ashburton

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