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Wish Fountain

Making a wish in a fountain seems so simple
To smiling children with there ever deep dimple
Walking over to the fountain and looking over the side
Wishing for something that comes easy for me to decide
Wishing you were here with me throwing a penny in the deep pool
But not now it is me a single soul
With out the one that was with me every step of the way
Now your not here but it wasn’t because you betray
Throwing the penny wishing for the one that isn’t here
Holding on tight to a necklace ever that is so dear
Watching the penny sink to the bottom, I whisper
“Tell me that dreams come true, Show me that wishing isn’t a waist”
Even though now we aren’t together I feel you next to me
Falling to my knees wishing this wouldn’t be
Tears streaming down my rosey cheeks
I have dreamed you were here for weeks and weeks
Closing my eyes so tight then feeling a touch on my harm
Whispering in my ear that that they will always keep me from harm
One more penny into the fountain…

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Sometimes wishes do come true, not always the exact way we ask. A very enjoyable read.