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Wish I Could Hold You One More Time
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Wish I Could Hold You One More Time

Poem By Syed Karim

Wish I could hold you in my arms the way I used to
Then I was only 18 and loved you true
Love at first sight, You were only 15
Pretty as a doll, always smiling never mean
You said you love me and will never leave me
We would kiss and hug by the brook under a mango tree
We would lay side by side, dream for a life together
Promised to be with each other here and hereafter
We would make passionate love that never seemed to end
When ever where ever, play husband and wife, we will pretend
I would listen to your heart beat, as I lay on your breast
You would hold me tight, whisper, love making was at your best
We would walk along the beach holding hand
Pick up sea shell, leave foot print on sand
One day all these came to an end
The cruel fate stood between us, we got separated at the bend
Since then many decades later, I am still searching for you
Wish I could hold you one more time and tell you how much I loved you

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colorful memories..and as they say..the shortest distance between two points is intention...Karim..go and find her...love is sweeter the second time around..