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Wish I Could Stop

It seems as though time is swiftly moving away from me.
An unatainable object untouchable & invisible.
But then it seems like I'm not moving foward at all.
Like Im stuck, drowning in the nothingness of my mind.
So I stop to think about whats going on around me,
because maybe that will give me something to do.
Give me a purpose for why I'm even existing at this point.
As I walk around the world watching all the others with their
problems upon their problems trouble them so absolutly I feel zero.
The type of zero people arn't supposed to feel.

And even though I sing and have friends and a family it doesnt give me
a purpose to be, and all I'm searching for is a purpose to be.

Anger whips through me at the dropp of a dime, and there!
I can see myself getting angrier, fighting harder and for what reason?
Im watching myself fall deeper and deeper into more nothingness of
no return and all the while I can't stop it. I cant help myself and I dont want anyone else to help me either. And for what reason?
I realize now all too well that I will never find the reason.

So I wish I could stop, stop everything and anything.
Stop wondering why every single day of my 'life'
Stop searching for something that never was and never will be.
Because there is no reason for it, for me.
Theres no hard core evidence that suggests that there is a reason.
Therefore I wish I could stop.

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So much hurt and so much anger, this has to be real. Great poem I am about to email you!