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Wish Stick
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

Wish Stick

Poem By Francis Utada

As I open my box of cigarette
Last stick drawn upside down
With a kiss and wish on it
I held it long in my arms

With a note written on
All I can do is read it again and again
Wishing you're here with me
Before I lit the last cigarette I have

Couldn't burn, I want you here
Keeping the memories of you
The only light I could find
For you know you're special to me

A picture of you only in my mind
While you held the cigarette of wish
Coudlnt ask for more but you
Where are you now? You're far away

Should I burn, make the wish
Should I keep, let the memory stay
All I have is this last stick I have
Reminds me of how I miss you so much

Wouldn't light another cigarette
Until you are next to me again
I'll keep this last stick on my hand
To let you know how I love to keep you here inside

if you only knew.... the wish that I'll ask for is you

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Comments (2)

you're right ulrike... few men really show how much they misses someone, neither admit it in front of you...
i like this poem. it is brave to show how much one misses a person! well done! ulrike