SS (09/05/1986 / New-Bombay, India)

Wish Was There A World

Wish was there a world
with no boundaries to share
no borders to cross…..
no anthems to sing
like paradise full of tales
no paper to buy or sell,
even coins won’t speak
no tears wasted on death
where hatred paid no fear
wrong crossed no one’s road
none lost in rage of gold
wish was there a world
with children smiling all around
laughed and chirped made some noise
no line drawn between genders
no song of evils to render
colors to celebrate…..not to discriminate
lifeless felt life in art
a brook of lores can go on
no war to run, no leaders shunned
no bullets to eat, no worries to meet
we’ll know how to rule our streets.

by shakti shetty

Comments (1)

It would be nice, but will it ever happen,10 for ur effort.