Wish We Could Be More Than Just-Friends

She's dancing in first place
Watching her makes my heart race

I love the way she sway
Even bellerina would buy a ticket
And watch her all day!

She's movin like a wind
Oh girl! I cant help
You've already put me in

For her its love in the air,
'His love' is the only thing she'ld care.
Finally she found the love of her life

Thankin me as if I was her love-story author
'No dear! ! Some r just born for each other'

Sayin this...
I left keeping my head high and feet on ground,
A glass of wine is all I want with her face in background.
The only thing I want to spell
With a magic wand in my hand
'Wish we would be more tha just friends'...

by Kunal Rathod

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