We hold within our sacred shells
the thoughts that we might never tell
of loves, and lies and hopes and dreams
of who we are... what we believe

released as wishes amongst the dark
that seem both near and very far
they hold the truth within our gaze
as thoughts of past or future days

wishes then become the lights
that take up space on dark dark nights
becoming beacons we will chase
or blacken out as dreams we waste

Here's to wishes and starry nights
to the heavens rich in hope filled lights
  keep your eyes towards night skies
to keep each wish and star alive

  its the dreams we held and then let go
that fall to earth, as rain and snow
then wait for you to wish once more
so to the heavens they might soar

there they hope to ever stay
becoming wishes that will not fade
wishes wished that did come true
  amid night stars and borne by you

by Cee Bea

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