SS (1982 / )

***wishes For You***

Life is not the same always,
throws us things we fear the most
we cry in pain, tremble as we know whats next,
fruits of errors we commit

as i see no new ray of hope,
there's still something i wish
for this dreadful moment to fade
the phase to pass quietly, quickly

to see a new spring in your life
to see you smile and laugh
for all your dreams to come true
for a life without no more letdowns

let all the bad luck go with me
like the tide that washes away
opening up a bright sunny day
miss me my love...but not for long

acknowledge my absence, not with tears
memories will do, hate me not and one thing to say,
you are the only one i will ever have
and you have completed me in every way.

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i loved this poem shristhi.. simply loved it.. it says it all.. from the start to finish.. and the last stanza crowns this superb poem..