Wishful Prayers

One captivated line to reel you in
I snuck to your house while you were beneath the sun
Embarrassed and smiling
I swore then and I still do
I have never seen anything more beautiful than you
Our footprints complimented each other everywhere
From the pacific to the Atlantic we have walked
Both sands warmed our feet of love
I never really believed in praying until now
I find myself clasping my palms and looking above

I pray from a heart that breathes his water
I told myself I might as well believe
For I never really had a father
And the water swallows me
And his water swallows me

But dear, don’t get confused
I do not pray for us
I do not pray for me
I pray for you
I pray for his good intentions
I admit I am so jealous
Of how he gets to tinker with my invention
And again, I am so sorry for all my twine wrapped around your head
Though we still have no secrets
I know all of me still lies beneath your bed
Or that someone we used to know
But I promise you, that sinful being, his callused skin has shed
But I still choke of your lead
Bathing your mud; turning me from friend to foe

by Timmy Tubbs

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