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Wishful Thinking
JS (12/2/1989 / Antartica)

Wishful Thinking

want to live the way I love to
want to soar into the skies
like to color the clouds with my smile

want to dream of tomorrow
as if tomorrow was mine
and to clothe it with my dream

want to know all there's to know
want to drink up the ocean
and leap over the horizon

want to love and give all to love
want to embrace and take her inside
want her to touch and heal me within

want to imagine a world
one in which I can live and love
without pain, without a stain

like to dream about you
like to think about the first look
a denying smile breaks me then

want to swim upstream
and like to crawl downhill
frowning, I think of you

who am I to want?
what if I have all I want?
Am I looking in the wrong place?
I mock myself then

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