Wishful Thinking

In this meager time today,
i am predicting tomorrow,
scrutinizing my past.

From this very moment,
i come to realize i am uncontented.

A lot of time i feel lonely and bored,
my life has never better for long time now.

Ridiculous it may sound but i hate what i have
and what i am becoming.

Every day is a dejavu, revamping
scenarios i am sick and tired of this.

i fail to appreciate my own,
or am i just confused?

I am confounded by my owned imbroglio,
lingered by this intricate mind.

How can i mangle this dissatisfaction?

I am falling into disillusion,
Is there a remedy for this exigency?

Or is it only right to play this
imagination and feeling?

Although, i have been guided by these remaining smiles,
but my desire is dominating.

i never have reached the happiest time of life i may have,
but when is it coming?

how long does it take for me to see? ..

by Jeorge Ryan Mangubat

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