Poem By Tessa Eichhorst

I'm wishing that this day would
have never come, the day, today,
that you went away.

Two years is too long without
seeing your cheerful face, hearing
your calming voice, seeing your
love filled eyes, or touching your
rough hard-working hands.
I'm wishing of those days that
sorrowful tears filled my eyes.
I wish those days never came.

I think if I start wishing
real hard I'll see your face,
your face which now the Angels
grace. I hope that I'll hear
your knowledge filled words, and
your jokes that always
ease my mind.

Maybe sometimes I'm wishing
too hard, or not enough, or
maybe I wish that someone
will replace my broken heart,
the heart that broke for the second
time when you died.

I just hope you know that
my love for you never ends,
and I'll keep wishing
until I see your face again.

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So well written and nicely weaved emotions...thanks, keep writing dear. Best regards, ugliloner.

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