throughout the years I have wittnessed your tears
sadness came and ran so deep
when you were lost in the dark
I tried to show you love when you were down
I know you were not the same
as I asked for your hand
my heart filled with joy
when I helped you with your little boy
as you were filled with desperation
waitting for your man to be there
which I guess he didn't care
but as you know I was there yearning
for your sweet embrace as you had it in your head
he was the man you couldn't replace
you set off to walk this road of life alone
of raising your child on your own
as I still loved you from a far
which you know who you are
as you pushed me away my heart wanted to stay
as you moved on my heart was still there
hopeing for you to ask me to stay
some day you would be mine just given the chance or the time
I love you wishing you were mine
wishing for the day I could stand tall just tell this world
I have it all

by Fredrick McDonald

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