Wishing For A Thing Does Not Make It So!

Poem By brian quinn

I don’t have a clue
On what now to do
This trouble I find myself in came right out of the blue
And to say anything less than I am suicidal would not be true

Can’t go into to many details, I don’t who will read
Yet this really is my hour of need
From this valley of darkness I make a desperate plea
Please someone come and save me

I feel totally slumped
With this latest mess upon me has been dumped
Very soon there is a bridge I have planned off to of jumped
On the motor way below I would have bumped

I am writing this poem drinking scotch washed down with pills
Even though I realise it could kill
The last 3 days I have done nothing but getting drunk and then slept
And more and more this feeling upon me has crept

That this is it I have really done it this time
Ahead now I can see my own finishing line
It all started when I was falsely accused of committing a crime

Now there is almost nothing left in this life of mine
So next week will decide it all
That is if by then I have not already taken a fall
I am so desperately down but not yet out

Anyone know of any good luck and salvation hanging about?
I thought so that was a big nope
Let me reach for the bleeding rope
I have been left here almost without any hope
They could not make my life up in a soap

Regardless this is what I have been dealt
And the lowest I think I have ever felt
All of this I just want one big line drawn
Do you ever get days when you wish you never born?

So here it is a poem so lowly
Time going past ever so slowly
Just pause to refill my glass
As again I find myself caught up in my past

There are many times before I have got myself caught in a jam
I am good at getting out of them – I know I can
But this time I have bitten off more than I can chew
So maybe shortly like my life this poem is through!

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