Wishing For A Window To Open

You want to sit,
Wishing for a window to open.
To provide a fresh breeze.
And you'd like for someone to do this for you...
As you continue to do as you please.

You rather have the Sun,
Rise on a schedule you condone.
While you confine yourself behind closed blinds...
Peeking to see,
If it is there prepared to be shown!

You want to be served a happiness,
Based on your terms...
And with a degree of sweetness.
You want what you want,
When you choose to want it!
But you will not lift a finger...
To remove the dust you trust,
Will keep intact an excused motivation to live!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

... will end up only standing... and continuing wishing... excellent style in framing these upbraiding lines... write ten grade