Wishing Well.....

Poem By Roxy Heart

That one and only wish.......

Comments about Wishing Well.....

That's one wish Inspired by and for Ms. Roxy Heart. Love your name.
I Had A Wish Once I once had a Wish Over Bridges I'd cross Dollars and Cents into water I toss Making this wish which I never thought-Thru What does one do when one's wishes come true? Now that it came true, Now what is next? Caught up between telegraph and the text Now that I've gotten all that I wanted Feel like a Mansion; emptied and haunted. What then of wishing? What then of Dreams? Is like a diamond That constantly gleams Always the same and I'm bored of it All Wish that I'd wished to have no wish at All. P.X

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My Love.....

My love where have you gone.
Where or near have you traveled too.
Where is my humble man that lurks before thee.
I only can dream that one day you will return, and when that day comes I get my supple kiss that means I am the only one for you.

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Sparkling so very bright, a star the shines in the night.
I can only wish that star was mine all that's right.
To be mine would be the very best thing of my day.
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Darkness, is the way to live.
Darkness, is the way to breathe.
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