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Wishing Well

The wish

Soon it will be morning, and I can't have drink only rummies drink in the morning.
But I have a fear inside me that will not go away
and I know all the smart people will say something like;
"face the truth, " but not saying what that truth is. And if you are impolite and ask them
they waffle about their childhood and you can see they are not honest. I have a watch
on my arm, and I never had a wristwatch before, but the woman I live with bought me
one as it would be good for my self- respect, like I should go around hating myself. On
the terrace, I can see a new day is about
to break, I do not like the idea of that, but will not worry about it I will
postpone mydreams and sleep till sunlight hits my face and I know
it will be ten in the morning, and I can´t have a drink unless I'm a rummy.

by Oskar Hansen

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