Frozen Like The Sea Of Snow

Don't See Me In The Night,
I Look Like An Old Excavation Site...
In Layer After Layer, With Hardened Experiences,
I Lie Scattered,
With Past Memories,
With Broken Thoughts,
With dust-Covered Mind.
My Body Was A Torrential Flow In The Past,
It's Only A Sheet-Rock Now.
Dreams Do Not Sprout,
Tears Do Not Spring,
Darkness Deepens
Like In The Nights Of The Warning Moon...
Inside Are All The Lost Full-Moon.

While you're Searching,
If At Times You Find In Me
A Broken Poem,
Or A Piece Of Beautiful Dream,
Keep It For Yourself.
This Body's Courtyard Contains
My Unparalleled History.
With Myriad Hopes,
It's My Writing's Fertile Field.

Now, Without You, It's
Thus Frozen Like The Sea Of Snow.
But One Day,
Wasn't It The Splendour
Of My Life Spread Around? !
asn't It Your Love Empire? ! ? !

by candy i4u

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Hey, are you by chance the Lyle McLeod who use to live in Alpine?