Wishing.. You.. The Best..

I'm missing you..
knowing you're the one I want..
It kills me inside.. when someone makes you mad or sad.
cuz you deserve more than the world..

I'm hoping that guy by yourside..
is making you smile..
making your day worth while..
making you the most important person in his life..
loving and caring for every inch of you..

Surprising you when you least expect it..
Giving you gifts out of the blue..
roses every morning..
and kisses that Actually mean something.

Hugging you with love..
Treasuring you with a warm embrace..
Caring for your every need..
and just loving you for who You are...

I wish you the best..
nothing but love..
I hope your mom is okay..
I hope you find all you need in life..
and nothing blocks your dreams.

Reach for the stars..
you deserve the best..
smile, and live.. :)

last but not least... I love you...

by Dislocated Heart

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Hearing your words... Speaking From the heart... Can you hear my words... From Across the Sea... Dear and True to only you...