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Witch Hunt
PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)

Witch Hunt

Poem By Punk Nona

tick tock tick tock tick tock
Gotta stop the clock now-
it's getting too
carried away, and I'm just
not in the mood
to deal with time today.
The wind howling
against the window
and a quiet shower
of rain-
Got my candles lit,
I'm searching for
My Goddess again.
But the t.v. told me
she is ME
and Me is SHE
since science killed
all the Gods
and took their Magick.

phish posh phish posh piss pot
I tried a little spell
but didn't have
the faith in myself
so I danced
with the demons for
some time instead.
Tried to clean myself up
and out but
was kicked around
by the small things
And so i ask, I
shout at my inner darkness, I digress-
what is it all for,
really? The ache
in the belly, the throb of the head?
If I am without
further want, further dream,
than stop.
Let this sickness
embrace me.
And I shall be as
the great saints before.

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