To a wand
From beyond,
we're remarkably hard
to work with;

not that we'd know,
and it's getting more so;

so much more so,
we want a wand
To beyond.

by Douglas Scotney

Comments (2)

Very Wiccan. Sounds like just a tiny part of a much bigger story, maybe I'll learn more later.
Douglas, i'll get this into Joly's showcase on my site; thanks. But it makes me think too much; i don't like to think too much! but i do like Halloween and i used to have (as a kid) a neat rubber witch mask which (the 'other' 'wich') i wore at least two years for going door-to-door Trick-or-Treating ('begging' for candy) . it did have a rubbery odor to it. if you are suggesting a magic wand to wisk us to our next 'world', whether it be a pile of ashes or something more exotic? I'm all for it! WHERE can i buy one? thanks, bri :) liked the rhyming.