With A Choice To Keep The Value

Why is it important to you now,
To hear my voice?
When it was you,
Who made not listening to me...
Your choice.

Why is my comprehension mentioned,
To be a priority of your concern?
I'm well aware of those lessons I've learned.
And few of them taught I seek to be repeated.
You brought to me then an acknowledgement.
And I did not hesitate,
To connect that to my common sense.

I received it and I heeded.

Why is it important to you now,
To hear my voice.
To review conversations,
I attempted to make...
That came to rest on deaf ears?

Perhaps there is a clarity,
Not understood before...
But overnight your eyes opened.
And a clarity that could have been yours...
Has now between your ears appeared?

Go ahead and say,
What you believe today is okay.
If I should abruptly walk away...
Think of it as not being disrespectful.
But a sign of the times,
When one finds peace of mind.
With a choice to keep the value of it protected.

Think of my getting away from you,
In that perspective!
A treasured gift one gets...
To never be neglected.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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