With A Consciousness To Commit

The doing you did has been done.
To accept as is or not.
You can choose to admit,
What you did was done to do.
Or you can refuse to acknowledge,
A not doing of it with a selective memory.

Although those present to have known you,
Can remember clearly what to them you've said.
With dates and times given of these events,
When others you accused did things to do to you.
But for whatever the reason your initiating of it,
You seem, conveniently, to have forgotten this.

And you are in good company.
So many who suddenly claim to have found God,
Can remember when this happened.
Where they were with dates to know the time.
But prior to that, all their misdeeds done to others,
Have been replaced in minds 'now' too holy and divine.

Let us today all pray for everyone to admit,
All the evil they've done to others.
Was with a consciousness to commit deception.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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