With A Demanding Of Credit To Be Given

There are those,
Who wish NOT to be given credit...
For those deeds they did not do.
Even though they may have provided,
The motivation.

And there are those,
Who wish to take credit...
For deeds they did not do.
And will make claims,
They were instrumental...
In getting those deeds done.

With a demanding of credit to be given,
To them!
Just for their association of knowing 'who'
Has perform those tasks.
With a customary delivery of much embellishment.

They wish to get,
What they so richly do not deserve.
An attention that is mentioned.
With a spotlighting done on their lack of skill.
And an absence of talent...
Believed is their right to steal.

And today...
These thieves seem to be everywhere.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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