With A Doing Of It Enchantingly

Measuring one's intelligence,
By the kind of schools they have attended.
And the number of prestigious degrees possessed,
Should reflect upon a society progessively moving forward.
With a respect all accept as being beneficially innovative.

But it seems as though many only work diligently,
To obtain their degrees with a validation to approve...
An ability they can and will successfully,
Promote their obsession with a greed to feed.
Since it is perceived only losers refuse this to do.

And one's attempt to do good things for humanity,
Is often misjudged as conceit by those confused/
Since everyone who has sacrificed their effort and time,
Knows that the nourishing on accolades without rest...
Or a peace of mind to find one gets,
Is as much a thrilling experience as the fetching of tossed insults.

Especially when to them no appreciation is expressed,
With or without respect upon giving of themselves their best.
While others have interests shown only in their flaunting.
And this may get them nominated as exceptional citizens,
Of superior qualities with the doing of nothing but flaunting.
But with a doing of it enchantingly.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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