With A Hope To Revive Its Glittering Glow

Take and keep your faith placed high,
On your agenda that is prioritized.
It is the only thing you will come to treasure,
As having tremendous value...
When everything else you saved and praised,
Loses its effectiveness...
In diminishing measures.

When that which was prized,
You now come to realize was not true to you.
But was kept to impress,
Others' eyes...
Who themselves are witnessed now,
To cry and sigh because they've been denied...
The keeping of their pretentions polished with a gloss.
One that has lost its influence meant to keep you teased.

Something people like these only lived to breathe.
And today find themselves,
Suffocating and pleading on their knees.
The same people who faked reality!
That same reality now exposed as worthless.
But having many making attempts to resuscitate,
Its vanishing purpose.
With a hope to revive its glittering glow.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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