With A Look Of Astonishment And Surprise

The only ones who seem to be stunned,
With a look of astonishment and surprise...
By the success others have accomplished,
And known by some with quiet tongues...
Are those who predicted their failures.
With a certainty this to them would come.

And then they seem to become quite upset,
That the spreading of their predictions...
Were not updated by anyone,
Who volunteered to whisper in their ears...
Fresh gossip or explanations to avoid the shock,
On their faces that appear.

'Are you shocked, surprised...
Or overwhelmed and in a coma?
Which is it?
Are you having an attack of something?
Speak! '

~I...uh..um...I'm happy...
Yes...That's it.
I am happy for them.~

'Of course you are.
I can tell by your eyes.
And the moment I saw your mouth drop open,
I knew you were thrilled for them.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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