With A Motivation Determined

One must never forget,
The generosity expressed...
By those who are naysayers.

If it had not been for nit pickers,
Critics and character assassinators...
Who would be instilled,
With a motivation determined...
To see their dreams fulfilled?

Who could say with honesty,
There was no one that boosted their desire...
To prove there was something of merit,
They could get done and could do?

Few can say they achieved,
Because it was for them a hobby.
And they awakened inspired by their own aspirations,
Without 'somebody' riding on their back.

Can say they achieved...
Because it was for them,
A love of sweating without getting rest...
And the doing of this enjoyed as a hobby.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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It is the time, from people such as you. That gives to others room to pause, and choose, those hobbies words pursued to use...iip