With A Mouth Closed

No one knows,
What face or shape...
Success comes to take,
To describe and declare it...
Done before it comes.
No one knows.

No one knows,
Who it is next on God's list,
Unprepared to be tested.
With yet another lesson to pass
To appease God with a doing it.
No one knows,
What task God will place upon
Someone's path.

No one knows if a love to have,
For another to confess...
Would have been better if left,
Not to express at all.
Few cows will refuse,
To give up milk...
If 'love' is the word,
They await first to hear.
When their utters are squeezed,
The process to deliver...
Is assumed.

No one knows,
If a step to take forward...
Should have been a step,
Or two to take back.
No one knows,
If a getting off track...
Prepares for a smoother ride.
Only those who have journeyed,
On rocky and bumpy roads...
Know when to rest.
And not welcome defeat.

No one knows when an opinion to hear,
Taken as criticism to remember it...
Becomes with time to comprehend.
And no one knows who God has picked,
To deliver a message.
Until that day comes with life to experience,
With a mouth closed,
Avoids repeating lessons...
One could have easily learned long ago.

No one knows,
Until they are prepared...
To listen with their mouth closed.
And recognize,
Their romance with ignorance...
Eventually disappoints,
Those who awaken to realize...
The time they have wasted,
Believing to be satisfied...
In a one-sided affair.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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