With A Need To Express Me More

If a fly can be what it is...
And has been what it is for years.
It does not have to convince.

If a bee is known to sting...
And is left alone by those who choose,
Not to be stung.
That bee will buzz,
And be about its business.

If I know who it is that I am...
With an identity that belongs to me!
I will not be a fly.
Nor can I,
If wished...
Be a bee.
But I don't choose to be either of these.
I have chosen to be me.
And that's who it is I am.
With a need to express me more!

If I should buzz while I fly?
If I so choose and decide?
That too will also be me!
Doing me as I have chosen to be!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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