With All Cuckoos Loose Outside Their Coops

There are those,
Who are more impressed...
By what one selects to wear,
To dress in clothes...
They could care less,
If one's head is filled with emptiness.
Just as long as an image is kept to show...
That is all some people want to know.
And will follow.
'Cause how one dresses to impress,
With an image to address...
Is all that people live for,
This shows!
Everywhere thoughtlessness feeds deceit,
That is all some people live to know.
With a scooby and a doo to toot.
Is this all the people live for...
And want to know.
With all cuckoos loose outside their coops!
Is this all the people live for,
Want to know.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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