With All Mental Screams Unheard

Few have expressed...
Any interest at all that is left,
In accepting your philosophies.
And what needs to be done...
To stop more wounding of those,
Already on bruised knees.
Bleeding for a victory!
You insist can be won.

Truth as 'you' know it,
Hasn't shown much to offer.
Except those like you...
Who continue filling their coffers.

Criticsms of those who opposed you then...
Haven't diminished in numbers.
They've increased,
To add many more of them.

To call you a liar,
No longer now applies.
Especially when you've cost,
So many to lose their confidence...
With their eroded quality of lives!

You can say anything you want,
To defend yourself to no end.
But you are the reason for this devastation.
And divisions with conflict...
You dare to declare you will defend!
Proving you are the king of demonic dens.

You and what you 'value'...
Have resulted in much heartbreak!
You and your 'ways'
Have created a pain that stays bitter.
With a seething that slows the progress...
Of any mending that could begin!

You aren't even worth the act of flushing.
Hopefully you will rot!
With a punctuated guilt.
That torments with a stinging.
Burning as it rushes...
Upon you to crush into insignificant dust!
That refuses on this Earth to drop.

With all mental screams unheard!
As you are pinched to pieces,
In your heat infested hell!
You have served yourself so well.

And with time,
Lessons learned...
Will keep you historically used.
As an example of how a poisoned mind...
Eventually unwinds.
To leave a legacy forgotten!
But remembered as the lowest of its kind.

And 'never' again in humanity to be repeated!
You have slimed the meaning of a leadership,
Once from you...
All in your demented view,
Thought they could depend.
Thought from you they needed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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