With An Acceptance Of This More Invited

You think I am arrogant?
Too self assured with confidence?
And my walk detects I have pride and dignity,
With an identity I am aware of that is kept to keep?
And this you detest and makes you upset?
And the reason you despise me?

If I stand out that much in your neighborhood,
To the point that my belief in myself is noticed...
And you have found 'me' to dislike?
Perhaps that speaks volumes about the environment.
And why disrespect is in abundance.
To ignite conflicts and an ignorance you solicit.
With an acceptance of this more invited.

'But why you can't be like everyone else? '

I hope you are not waiting for an answer from me,
To validate the keeping of your insecurities.
There is nothing about me that feels inferior,
For the purpose to keep your negativity pleased.
I am not into self destruction.
Nor do I feed on a feast of envilness.
That is too easily provided to digest.
I've changed my diet and that's what you see.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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