With An Apology From Mr. Adam

Request for Investigation

Come on! ! !
Investigate and get us informed
about the initial happiness
which our great forefather
Mr. Adam had ever enjoyed!
Yeah...it's essential to know the facts
that which was the first happiness
when Mr. Adam learnt to be happy
and he came to know his right to remain happy! !

This also means that
prior to his first ever happiness
he remained sad, depressed and was in custody of worries! !
It hurts to think that
before his first introduction to happiness
he remained victim of sadness..! !

The requirement of investigation is also essential
because we want to know that
with whom he thought to share it
when he felt his first happiness
whereas we people fashions to celebrate
our tiny tot type happiness in a big way! !
We are really keen to know that
Mr. Adam was having his first ever happiness
How he celebrated it? ? ?

Meanwhile it should also be dug out
that before his first happiness
how he spent his time and what were his hopes
when he has no one to share anything with him
except his own shadow
but another confusion is also arising
that which was that first happiness
of which he learnt how to be happy? ?
or which was that sorrow and hardship he felt
while thinking that this is the time to be sad! !

Investigate this all
and tell us as soon as possible
because we are the legal heirs of Mr. Adam
and we spent most of our life
in sorrows, hardships, agony, etc.
Moreover, we have yet to receive our first happiness
and all these are our inheritance from Mr. Adam

So this is mandatory to investigate each matter
because we have right for this to blame
and put all allegations on him.

Findings of Investigation

It was found on investigation
from the reliable sources
that Mr. Adam's first happiness came to him
when for the first time his eyes shed tears! !
the reason of tears cannot be ascertained yet
but his first happiness was because
he came to know that water sources are not only
rivers, ponds or sea
however some seas are also there in eyes too! !

And it was also found that
his first grief was also on the same time
when he felt happy on shedding tears
and he felt sad on thinking that
what kind of habit owns a human being
who can feel happy in presence of tears
and able to shed tears in happiness.
When his lonely mind could not solve this puzzle
he felt very sad
because he deeply felt this sorrow
so it can be presumed his first grief.

Summary of Investigation

This research should be presumed as fact
because in present times
each and every human being has
sea-full tears behind all smiles
And this proof is enough of being
Heirs of Mr. Adam! ! !

by Kanwaljit Bhullar

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A nice use of socratic question-answer technique. Thanks
Thank you Mr. Finsterwalde