With Anticipation Growing As Those Holidays Approach

Words of clarity.
Deep meaning.
And sincere.

You have chosen me,
To be your competitor.
I'm not thinking about your ass! '

And as the season of Fall begins,
With anticipation growing as those holidays approach.
There in our hearts are those tender sentiments.
To be shared and reminisced,
Today and in future seasons.

'Hey, look pal...
Screw you too!
I don't have time for this.
Are you going to use that damn shopping cart or not?
Fool! '

~What did you call me? ~

'I called you a fool, fool! '

And we pray to express out gratitude at Thanksgiving.
We unwrap those saved selected ornaments,
To decorate our homes and the beautiful Christmas Tree!
And we do this with love in out hearts!

'If I had change to give you,
I would have given it to you.
If you don't stop ringing that bell in my face,
I am going to tell the manager of this store
You are out here creating a disturbance.
Am I making myself clear?
You people always looking for hand outs! '

*What do you mean by 'you' people? *

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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