Through The Holy Spirit

I keep hearing that this PTSD is here to stay
My only hope is to try to cope in some way

These memories are embedded in my brain
Sometimes they make me feel insane

Medication hasn't helped me yet
They could be more of a threat

I've had private one on one sessions
From multiple professions

I've had therapy in a Vietnam War group
That just brings up a lot of old poop

I wish my mother was still alive
She could tell me how to thrive

She was a counselor too
But from a Christian point of view

She kept a journal just before she died
It wasn't much but she really tried

She had written only a few pages
That little bit truly engages

She said, 'Develop a mindset of constant prayer.
With the Holy Spirit be aware.'

Even though she didn't write much
My heart she did touch

Luke 4: 18 says, 'With the Spirit be infused
To set at liberty them that are bruised'

Through the Holy Spirit we can heal
And survive any challenging ordeal

by David Rose

Comments (1)

I LOVE THIS POEM! ! I love many poems and this is one of therm, After I read it first silently, I read it out loud, thereby paralleling the poem itself which occurs in silence until the very end. You deftly handle the two levels of imagined reality and actual reality. For most of the poem I was watching a real mermaid live and enjoy her self-contained, perfect solitude without any interfering shadows or desires. Your vibrant imagery made this world delightfully convincing. I surrendered completely to its sweet illusion. I would have stayed there happily submerged in an alien paradise but you gently pulled the curtain over its allure and revealed the real world - also wonderful - of a young woman whose vivid imagination had animated mine. My gratitude to both young women and to the poet Laura who created this beautiful fantasy of escape and discovery