With Both Feet In Debt And Sorrows

Investments made to ensure deposits are stocked,
In an abundance of ignorance...
That has become overwhelmingly popularized,
Shouldn't shock anyone who fed on this existence...
With a persistence to keep it prioritized.

And the awareness of this and who has invested,
Shouldn't surprise that those cries now heard...
Come from pits slick and deep in regrets,
To cover the ones with both feet in debt and sorrows.
Just to prove they can keep others disenfranchised,
And themselves selfishly receiving the benefits of greed.
What mind with a consciousness perceives the doing of this,
Is effective and keeps progress beneficial and healthy?

Keeping one foot on a certain segment of society,
To prevent its movement to limits and restrictions...
Does not provide the other foot...
A comfort and freedom to do as it pleases.
Both feet eventually begin to sink in the sludge.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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