With Cold Eyes You Judge Me

Poem By Brian Hinckley

With cold eyes you judge me,
casting guilt and hurt in my teeth.
You burn me with words,
freeze me with your touch.

You do not understand me,
you never have.
You always played up to me,
stringing me along and along.

The strings were like barbed wire,
your lies making them strong as steel.
They bit deep drawing blood,
as you danced me around.

Now I lay broken
cast down to the ground.
You lost your amusement in me
and threw me away like garbage.

No one wants what you have left,
no one wants the emptiness inside me.
I weep in the corner
for the life you stole from me.

Comments about With Cold Eyes You Judge Me

wonderfully writen. i can feel your emotions as i read it, great job. i know the feeling of those cold eyes looking apon you for i have felt them to. i love the poem.
God you just continue to amaze me 'The strings were like barbed wire your lies making them strong as steel.' You write every word like it's the most important in your life. You blow me away really, really great
I'm so sorry for your pain - know that the judgement of a person is not what matters. Man is not judged by man, but by His own words and deeds, and by the Lord. Find healing and fulfillment in the Love, the Law, the Wisdom, and the Word of Christ.

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