With Discipline, Initiative And Priority

As a kid,
I use to want for those wishes.
With my eyes focused on dreams.
But my first lessons learned,
Were to how to use a broom.
With a mopping of a floor.
And how to wash a dish...
After I finished using it.
And personal hygiene,
I had been taught very early...
Were the basics connected,
To any wish and dream I envisioned...
With discipline, initiative and priority.

'Gee Ma!
How come I can't go out to play,
Like a normal child? '

~You will find a lot of time to do that.
Trust me.
But right now...
I'm not looking for normalcy.
Is that understood? ~

'Do I have a choice? '

~Sure you do.
Do as I say or suffer the consequences.
If I hear any more of your 'lip',
You just might end up doing both.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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