With Druthers To Smother Others

It will always be my intention,
Unmentioned but done...
To deliver and refuse,
Making excuses with an ease to do.
Or have anyone take my efforts,
With a purpose to disqualify...
My endeavors to dismiss,
As being less than my best.
When I know little rest I get,
To move forward with steps...
Made with kept faith not to repeat mistakes.

Nor can I waste my time to sit,
Listening to comments made to groan over it...
From some wishing with druthers that persist,
To smother others they drag through a mud.
While judging to criticize what another does.
And this done not to move or budge to face,
What it takes to place two feet on the ground.
To do with an effort to make and take command.
Regardless of who critiques this done.
But will not comprehend to understand,
The motivation, initiative or incentive behind...
Someone who has success envisioned.
And not defeat to accept to keep it in mind.

People like this to have known discouragement,
Are not seeking to keep reminded of it.
Or who it is that wishes them kept,
Fearing to move forward.
Or left behind regretting steps taken,
They could have made.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Aloha Lawrence... That which could have been Between the likes of all men and all women and all peoples... '...The motivation, initiative or incentive behind... What makes the each of US so blind? or should the question be with druthers to smother or not? For this appears to be the answer... shrug our shoulders and turn away with the druthers or take action and smother for one reason or another... life is never more to be live and let live this is the antithesis of the corporate business and mindset... and the entire US is nothing more or less than a business... What say you to this? The worship of business as the deliverer of all from evil? Or does this yet take that one individual to make the determination to do the druthers or to do the smothers to any brother or sister that is incapable of understanding and comprehending that command? Times have not changed so much that the each of US cannot judge the intent of each of our kin, friends, and neighbors... keeping our distance as we druthers' over our inner intensions to smother the foolish ones fearing to move forward away from any indecision that keeps the entire US mired in the mud of division as a people... A fine question could be: Whom is to lead all these sheeple? I thank you for this fine prose and for the thoughts that it generates in my mind at this time... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two
beautiful, good message is therein.