With Efforts In Effect

With efforts in effect,
To depict others as failures...
And incompetent by decisions made.
They themselves display utter ignorance.
And too stubborn they are to see through,
Their own self destruction they foolishly defend.

Unaccustomed to follow,
Those of true leadership...
They have generated a wealth,
Of divisive unending conflicts that persist.

And on the sidelines they protest,
An unrest that has increased their own unhappiness.
Now they rely on accusations,
Directed to those who knew then what had been best.
Saying they show them less empathy...
When today calls for unity is what they wish and need.

But many who had been shunned and ostracized...
Have lost an interest no longer practiced or exercised.

'Why have you NOW changed your mind? '

~Is there a smile on my face?
I discovered it when I found peace sublime.
And more of it I am focused to find.
My mind is no longer in confusion.
Nor will I allow it to be abused,
For you to use to waste my time.
I suffer through those moments...
No more! ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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