With Every Thought Of You

Sometimes when I'm alone
I'll replay it in my head
Like a line from a sappy love song
Or a feeling left unsaid.

A friend doesn't make it better
Nor seeing your face
For everytime I see it
My heart begins to race.

I know it's not my fault
I can't believe it's true
I'm not afraid of dying
I'm just afraid of losing you.

And it's not supposed to hurt this way
And I'm not supposed to cry
And when you say 'I Love You'
Your not supposed to lie.
I always thought we'd make it
So much farther than I thought
I though you were worth every single
War for you I fought
These scars are just my battle wounds
To show you what I mean
To tell a simple story
Of my one and only dream.

It would mean the world to me
If you felt the way I felt
And when I touch you baby,
Inside, your heart would melt.

I can't stand the thought of you
So far away from me
And I can't stand thinking for a second
That it's not me you see.

I really don't understand how
I can lay awake thinking of you at night
Knowing for a fact
I'm the only one who tries.

I always try to give you
A hundred and ten percent
I gave to you my perfect heart
But now the sides are bent.

You have absolutely no idea
Just what you do to me
How you make me feel inside
The butterflies you set free.

Don't you dare say Im a drama queen
With an over active heart
You know it's been on overdrive
For I fell in love from the start.

You made me laugh and you made me cry
I know I should be strong
I know I shouldn't break down
I know I'm not wrong.

Any line from a love song
Makes me so blue.
My world comes crashing down
With every thought of you.

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Langston Hughes


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